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If two equally likely events a and b are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive, what is the probability that event a occurs. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. A mece framework provides you with a list of items that are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive. A couple of basic tools discussed in the mckinsey mind are logic trees and the concept of mecepronounced meeseewhich stands for mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive. Mece mutually exclusive collectively exhaustive from. Interviewer asks candidate questions in a logical sequence and candidate draws conclusions and gives insights based on data provided. Mece, pronounced me see, an acronym for mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive, is a popular mantra at mckinsey. Rarely will greater detail be needed at this stage.

Case interview mece framework shapes how consultants in the mbb approach their clients problems and figure out an effective and comprehensive solution. Overview policy title name and numbering purpose definitions scope areas affected 2. The supporting arguments should be mece mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive. Mece an abbreviation for mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive, a mckinsey principle that refers to creating subcategories to ensure that all relevant facts and details are considered. As the authors put it, the mckinsey way is more descriptive than prescriptive, while the mckinsey mind shows you how to apply mckinsey techniques. The concept required the groups of ideas to be mecedivided pieces that were mutually exclusive of each other and collectively exhaustive in terms of the whole. No gaps rigor, everything is covered and there are no blind spots. Mece is a fundamental, problem structuring framework that stands for mutually exclusive, completely exhaustive. System c volume information restore 02818594cb0b 43e389587d9ef98970 rp753 a03103. The mece principle, pronounced mesee, is a grouping principle for separating a set of items into subsets that are mutually exclusive me and collectively exhaustive ce. Mckinsey interviewers along with other firms will especially look whether you are able to structure information in a mece format. The mece principle, pronounced meesee, mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive, is a grouping principle which says that data in a group should be divided into subgroups that comprehensively represent that group no gaps without overlapping.

Mece stands for mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive and is one of the hallmarks of problem solving at mckinsey the mckinsey way by ethan m. Form an initial hypothesis, then test it 8020 and other rules to live by dont boil the ocean. Mece problem solving frameworks are mutually exclusive no overlap and completely exhaustive no gaps. No overlaps clarity, one thing is one thing, the other is another. Be mece mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive facts are friendly they are the bricks with which you will lay a path to your solution and build pillars to support it. The team will continue building a level four and level five set of questions for each question. For a framework to be mece, its different parts cannot overlap mutually exclusive. Mece a guide to the mece principle with applied examples. Mece, pronounced as mesee, stands for mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive it is the hallmark of problem solving used at mckinsey and company. Owners, executives, consultants, and team leaders can look to this comprehensive treatment for ways to. Collectively exhaustive events software free download. Download mutually exclusive collectively exhaustive mckinsey pdf. The acronym mece stands for mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive. Again the team will check if they are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive mece.

A the steps in constructing a frequency distribution are 1 decide on the number of classes. A frequency distribution is a grouping of data into mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive classes showing the number of observations in each class. Using functional metrics to facilitate designing collectively exhaustive mutually exclusive systems in the context of managing return on investment. In this short tutorial we teach you 3 simple secrets to make your own frameworks mece in case interviews. Analysis there are two major case interview styles. A involvement b social value c lifestyle d none of the. Events whose union is sample space on which they are defined are said to be collectively exhaustive. Twitter may remove this content at anytime, convert it as a pdf, save and.

Follow mckinsey s mece mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive. Mckinsey consultants use mece frameworks all the time. The mece principle is useful in the business mapping process wherein the optimum arrangement of information is exhaustive and does not double count at any level of. Mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive mece this is a core consulting concept that cannot be understated. Mece is a principle used by management consulting firms to describe a way of organizing information.

The mece principle is concept coming from the consulting firm mckinsey in the 60s. The approach is helpful when breaking down problems to drill down into specific parts in more detail. The principle of mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive is often applied to which of the following practices. Understanding mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive strategyu mece is a famous. Using a framework ensures that you are in mckinsey speak mece mutually from bman 21061 at university of manchester. Using a framework ensures that you are in mckinsey speak. If you manage to get a position at mckinsey, or at any other mbb for that matter, you are likely to have to handle huge amounts of data. This app is intended to make it easier to add tigerline data to a geodjango project and save people from writing this same code over and over collectively. This is desirable for the purpose of analysis, because it avoids both the problem of double counting and the risk of overlooking information. In other words, elements should exclude each other, i.

Mece frameworks are clear, thorough, logical, and efficient things firms and clients look for in. Use mece segmentations to group information in a logical manner. Case interview concept starter guide for nonbusiness. The events even 2,4 or 6 and not6 1,2,3,4, or 5 are collectively exhaustive but not mutually exclusive. The mece principle is useful in the business mapping process wherein. How mece can be of help to communication professionals. Recently i have been introduced to the worldwide consulting firm named mckinsey and have found out about a technique they use in problem solving or critically viewing issues in businesses that they work with around the globe.

Give a brilliant structure to your presentations with the. Those skills, marked as mckinsey way, are applicable to more than highincome consultants, but general employees, managers, executives. The events 1 and 6 are mutually exclusive but not collectively exhaustive. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading the mece muse. It is not yet exhaustive, its just what i had and have needed in the past. Pdf using functional metrics to facilitate designing collectively. First, mutually exclusive is a concept from probability theory that says two events cannot occur. Six steps to solve any problem and tell a persuasive story. Well, management consultants essentially spend all day solving problems its a huge part of their job.

The mutually exclusive part means there are no overlaps between the parts of the problem. To structure your thinking when solving business problems or anything, for that matter, you must be complete while avoiding confusion and overlap. The collectively exhaustive part means there are no gaps in the analysis. Understanding mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive. But they need to cover all possible causes of the clients problem collectively exhaustive. Whats the difference between mutually exclusive events. You can use the mece framework to help you think clearly about a business problem. Those knowledge by themselves are mece mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive.

Mckinsey divides problems into mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive mece parts. Mece thinking is popular with strategy consultancies see, for instance, davis paper, referenced below, for its use at mckinsey. What links here related changes upload file special pages permanent. It fails the completely exhaustive test if an example doesnt fit into any of your categories. Mece is a way of segmenting information into subelements that are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive. To do so, you must organize these answers in a way that is mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive sometimes written as mutually exclusive and completely exhaustive or mece pronounced mee see. Understanding and implementing the problem solving tools and management. Taking a stepbystep approach, the mckinsey mind looks at the mckinsey mystique from every angle. How the big players solve big problems ethos crs consulting. For instance, if you recommend focusing on the light vehicles segment, three supporting arguments could be the light vehicles segment has the highest margin, that segment is currently growing and we have the ability to capture a good share of. Mece stands for mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive 1.

Mece, pronounced mee see, is a concept commonly used in top consulting firms such as mckinsey, bcg or bain. Your approach fails the mutually exclusive test if one example could fit into multiple buckets. Mece pronounced mesee stands for mutually exclusive, col lectively exhaustive and it is a sine qua non of the problemsolving process at mckinsey. Be mecemutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive. Having spent six years as a management consultant, i found myself. In probability theory the probability of seeing any of these events is the same as the sum of the probabilities of seing them individually. When considering the different aspects of a problem, to avoid having issues overlap they need to be mutually exclusive me. Mckinsey analytics helps clients achieve better performance through data. In the planning phase some teams build out to a level eight set of questions. Mece is a best practice method to lay down a robust structure for your case interview. Mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive mece mece is a key principle for structuring and breaking down anything from problems, ideas, workstreams, etc this concept is highly important in the management consulting industry, so much so that the whole industry revolves around it. How to gain hours per week by better organizing your drive medium. Mece pronounced me see is a principle used by management consulting firms to describe a way of organizing information that is mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive.

If you have models load scripts for other data in the set, please forkadd and send me a pull request if you add other shapefiles. These subcategories must be mutually exclusive they cannot occur at the same time and collectively exhaustive at least one of the events must occur. In todays post we will explain the steps to build hypotheses in a more effective, methodical and, for a lack of a better word, a more mece mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive way when we do cases with candidates, even our own clients, what always surprises us is how messy their hypotheses can be. Consultants usually solve clients problems using a framework.

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