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Online screening test vcs aptitude test suviving mold. The following protocol, based on the work of dr ritchie shoemaker represents a paradigm change in medicine. The online screening test is a measure of one of the neurologic functions of vision called contrast. Dear friends and fellow mold warriors,it is my distinct honor to introduce to you a new series for surviving mold. If mold is a problem in your home, you should clean up the mold promptly and fix the water problem. Your corrected visual acuity must be better than 20.

Typical symptoms that will set off my radar for a biotoxin illness include. Chronic inflammatory response syndrome acquired following exposure to water damaged buildings. Indoor environmental professionals panel of surviving mold. Biotoxin illness treatment protocol surviving mold. Understanding chronic inflammatory response syndrome cirs.

Md, we now have a foundation for understanding the mechanisms of cirs and a process of diagnosis and treatment that can be. It is important to dry waterdamaged areas and items within 2448 hours to prevent mold growth. The following individuals and families have experienced the devastation of mold related illness. This brilliant, intuitive, and fearless scientist has. Ritchie shoemaker surviving mold dr ritchie shoemaker surviving mold protocol dangerous doctor scam total ripoff maryland internet. For instance, one person could be mold susceptible, while. Chronic inflammatory response syndrome surviving mold. Surviving mold begins with knowing whats wrong and developing a plan to beat it. It is with great pleasure that surviving mold and the center for research on biotoxin associated illnesses announce the third annual state of the art in cirs cutting edge conference. Ritchie shoemaker 2 warning and disclaimer the statements in this report have not been evaluated by the fda u. Report of the consensus committee of surviving mold. It is essential to document all of the symptoms the. Chronic inflammatory response syndrome cirs, also known as biotoxin illness, describes a group of symptoms, lab findings, and targeted test results associated. Take the visual contrast sensitivity aptitude test today.

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